Anglican’s Call and Response

By Daniel McGregor   On Friday morning at the spacious Andrews B. Hale Auditorium, the two hosts for the Call and Response Conference conducted a roll call. “Where are all my Baptists in the house?” Scattered applause and cheers from the attendees in the audience. “Where are my […]

That Heavenly Potluck

  By Patrick Bourckel   When my wife and I moved to the Los Angeles area five years ago, we quickly discovered the Jonathan Gold 101 List. Compiled annually by the legendary food writer, this list of the 101 Best Restaurants was the ultimate guide to eating your […]

Reclaiming Yellow

by Karynna Asao In the pinnacle scene of the recent blockbuster rom-com Crazy Rich Asians, a Mandarin rendition of Coldplay’s “Yellow” builds momentum in the background.  It’s a bit of a surprise for a film lauded for championing Asian representation, as the word “yellow” is a racial slur […]